Monday, September 18, 2017

She loves puzzles

And she loves the color purple.

Happy birthday, Melanie.
I hope your day is filled with all things wonderful.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Yesterday They Tied The Knot

... and will live happily ever after.

Congratulations Lauren and Tyler!

Friday, September 8, 2017

With deepest sympathy

My friend, John, lost his father.
Sympathy cards are not my favorite to create
but I couldn't not make one for John.

I am still holding the family in my thoughts.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

They're back to a foursome!!!!

Today is Charlotte's birthday.
Even though she's celebrating in heaven
doesn't mean we can't celebrate her here on earth.

I've created a birthday card for her
every year - for many, many years.
This year shouldn't be any different.

Except, who has heaven's address?
Second best thing?
This card was mailed to her daughter, Karla.

A tough day for her children,
especially Karla, who cared for her so lovingly
in her final days.

Many moments were spent with this sweet woman.
I didn't spend as many moments as my folks though.
You see, Charlotte and Karl
were my parents' best friends.

Many hours were spent around the kitchen table
as they played cards.
I'm sure they're playing today, too.
Back to a foursome.
I'm sure they were all waiting for Charlotte
so that they could pick up
where they left off.

Happy heavenly birthday, Charlotte.
Please kiss and hug the others around the table, too.
Just for me.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wishing all things good

Sharon asked me to make a card.
For a mutual friend.
Must have a "fire" theme.

You see, our friend works
for the Euless Fire Department.

The friend's name is Ken.
Ken has been battling some major health issues.
After three surgeries in just 24 hours,
he's back home
after being hospitalized for something
like 16 days
and working on some rehabilitation.

I'm sure he'll be up and "running"
in no time at all.
He's determined, has a great attitude
and will do it!

Back to the card.
With a "fire" theme.

Ken is looking forward to drumming with his son,
hence the music sheet under the fire.
Hopefully, he'll still be able to recognize the notes
and drum out the tune.

The background was created
using some inks.
The red is 'fired brick'
and the black is 'black soot'
and the yellow is 'fossilized amber.'
How much more "fire" can you get?

The white specks?
Why it's the foam, of course.

The paper under the image
is probably something like the paperwork
Ken, the fire investigator,
uses on the job.

This bicycle probably isn't used much any more
in today's fire services.
But since Ken doesn't actually put out the fires
and since riding a bike will probably
be part of his rehab, I thought it to be perfect.

Of course, efd is in the corner of the image,
surrounded by all the black soot.

The stitches?
Not sure if he's got any yet,
but something tells me he'll be needing some
before this whole ordeal is put to bed.

The stars?
Ken's the shining star over at Fire Admin
and his presence is missed.

Heal quickly, Ken!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A birthday is a great way to finish out the month

Having a birthday on the last day of the month
means you can celebrate that month
and the next month, too.

I'm sure that's exactly what Marilyn will do.
And she should.  She's earned the celebrations.
Happy birthday!

I don't know about her,
but I'd sure like a box of flowers
on my table just like this.
Greens, blues and purples make me happy!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Two birthdays on the same day

I'll start with the younger star.
Delaney earns that.
When her mamma asked me to create
a "Harry Styles card"
I was stumped.
WHO is Harry Styles?
(Guess this is official - I am old!!!)

A little research and I figured it out.
It's Delaney's heart throb.
Ahhhhhh - the teenage years!

Neome also celebrates today.
This bright and cheery card is just for her.
I'm sure she'll love that bouquet of flowers
in the beautiful altered can.

Happy birthday, ladies!